From the first time I visited the Tree House Child Care Center five years ago, I knew that the Tree House was the place where I wanted my children to attend preschool. I was looking for a preschool that would allow my children to socialize with other children, be with loving and caring teachers and learn through play. The Tree House has met all these hopes and more.
The reason I chose Tree House was that at least three people I knew highly recommended it. Both of my sons have gone to Tree House for two years and I couldn't be happier with my choice. My younger son has one more year and I am sure that he will be ready for Kindergarten because of the great experience he had at Tree House.
Every teacher I have met and my sons have had have been very caring, friendly and enthusiastic about teaching. The whole school gives off a very happy feel as you walk down the hallway and listen to the classes going on and are greeted by the teachers. The parents are also a great group of people that are very open and friendly. Being new to town it was easy to meet other Moms around school.
My oldest daughter is now in Elementary school and she is doing great. I am certain that her success is in part a result of her experiences at Tree House. She was ready for "Big Girl" school, thanks to her Tree House teachers.
Joyous. That's how I describe the sounds and sights at the Treehouse. My daughter was almost four when I signed her up for summer camp at the Treehouse, which was highly recommended by several of my neighbors. After that summer, I enrolled her in the four-year-old class. She was very well-taken care of, loved, encouraged, and she was happy to get to school every day. She is now in first grade, and continues to love going to school. I owe this to the warm, engaged, dedicated, amazing Staff at The Tree House.
Each day we picked up our son from the Tree House he had a smile on his face and excitedly recounted the day's events to us. He was always excited to go to school and couldn't wait to see his teachers and friends.
My children have loved every minute of their time at Tree House thanks to the wonderful staff. The love and support given by the teachers at Tree House have helped my children's self-confidence grow and allowed them to feel that they can do anything if they try hard enough and are not afraid to fail.
The entire Staff is there for ALL the children. They are a TEAM and a FAMILY. Everyone shares in everyone's triumphs and tribulations, and the support is not just limited to each classroom. Every child becomes part of the Tree House family. It is a truly beautiful, happy place for a young child to start their journey outside of the home.