How do I apply to the school?

We encourage families to visit the school. We hope that prospective families will have a chance to meet the director and some of the teachers and visit the classroom prior to enrolling. Please call the school or select “Contact Us” on this website to arrange a time to schedule a tour to learn more about the Tree House.

How many days can my child attend?

Children can attend two, three, or five days for half or full days. Our half-day program runs from 8:45am to 12:45pm.

Do you offer additional hours?

Yes – Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 8:45 am and 12:45 – 6:00pm. Additional hours can be purchased in 1hr increments or as a flat rate ‘extra half day’. Please contact the office for more information and to schedule additional hrs.

Do you have a full year program?

Our school year runs from the beginning of September to the end of June.

Do you offer a summer program?

We offer eight or nine weeks of half and full day summer camp starting in July. Tree House teachers teach each themed week, and sign up does not have to be consecutive. Ages 3-5 welcome.

Do I have to be a member of the Church?

No. The Tree House is open to all children regardless of religious affiliation.

What is your affiliation with the Church?

We are a mission of the Church and Christian School, although we do not currently have a Christian Curriculum. We celebrate Christmas and Easter and expose our children to many other holidays and celebrations. The children also say a simple prayer prior to eating their snack.

Are you a preschool or a daycare center?

We are both. All children here receive a preschool program in the morning and full day children have extended hours, which include stories, arts and crafts, and outdoor playtime.

What is your staff: child ratio?

It varies by age group. We pride ourselves on trying to keep our ratio as low as possible. It generally ranges from 1:4 for our 2s to 1:7 for our 4s with 2 staff members in each class.

How long has your staff been at the school?

Most staff have been here over ten years, with many over 15 years. We are a very stable environment and can provide consistency for your children.

Is The Tree House accredited?

The Tree House is licensed in good standing with the State of New Jersey. In addition, the Tree House is currently part of the pilot study for “Grow NJ Kids” Program. This is a new quality rating and improvement system program being introduced in New Jersey, designed to create universal standards of quantity for all early care and education programs.

Is lunch provided?

Each child brings his/her own packed lunch daily, plus a snack. We offer Pizza Friday twice a month for a nominal fee as a fundraiser for the school. We ask that no peanut or nut items be sent in to school due to allergies.

Are all teachers certified?

Each classroom has a lead teacher. All of our lead teachers are certified with a CDA (Child Development Associates Degree) or higher.

Do you have a curriculum?

In 2014 the Tree house implemented “The Creative Curriculum”, as a way to provide our teachers with basic guidelines to ensure that they are meeting the social/emotional, cognitive and developmental needs of all of their students.

Does the Tree House offer any other programs?

Yes, we have a number of affordable enrichment programs, from 1pm -1:45pm daily. Our current offerings are:

How do I sign up for Enrichment programs?

There is a formal sign up process for Enrichment classes in September for the first session. After the first session, sign up is online or through email.

Does my child need to be completely toilet trained to attend The Tree house?

Children do not have to be completely toilet trained for our 2s and 2 ½ year old programs.

What is your food allergy policy?

We ask that no peanut or nut items be sent into school.

Does the Tree House celebrate holidays?

The Tree House curriculum does celebrate Christmas and Easter and a variety of other holidays. Tree House families are encouraged to share their cultural heritages and holiday traditions with us in the classroom.

Besides the Director and the Staff, is there a group who governs The Tree House Preschool?

A Board of Trustees composed of parents; church members and early childhood educators govern The Tree House.

Do you offer a scholarship program?

Yes, full and partial scholarships are considered for families who can demonstrate financial need. Please contact the office for an application form.